Mentes Empreendedoras Clubs

Create a generation of impactful citizens!


At Mentes Empreendedoras Clubs, we challenge youngster from north to south of the country to develop their leadership, autonomy, talent and overcoming skills, and also to build an attitude of active citizens with an impact on the community. This programme is aimed at secondary school students –10th, 11th and 12th grades – and takes place over three school years. This is how we promote a new, proactive and resilient attitude with the youngsters in their personal development and in solving community problems, through the design and implementation of an intervention project.

7 Workshops presenciais por ano letivo (90min), com acompanhamento à distância durante todo o projeto
1º ano: pretendemos promover uma atitude socialmente ativa, instruída e positiva através da análise e resolução de problemas/necessidades de instituições locais.
2º ano: pretendemos capacitar para a construção autónoma de um projeto social, enfatizando a inovação, organização, pensamento crítico e criativo e a comunicação.
3º ano: pretendemos valorizar o impacto positivo no outro através do “passar a palavra” e de ações marcantes para a história da comunidade escolar.

In the last year and/or after finishing high school, several of your youngsters assume the role of mentors and facilitators, working directly with a class at their school, and thus developing a set of skills essential for the post-school transition.

In the 2019/2020 school year, we developed a new area of the Mentes Empreendedoras Clubs programme, in order to meet the needs of one of the schools where we operate. This was how the programme The future is Yours! was born, aimed at 12th grade students. Through this programme, students develop autonomy, overcoming and communication skills, in three 90-minute workshops. They will also have the opportunity to learn about several important tools in the transition to the job market. From building a CV to how to prepare for an interview, every step will be essential to make students feel safer and more autonomous in the search for their professional future.

I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t perform because I was afraid of being judged. But, what if others think like me? I CAN, I DO. I can say that I am now a different person.” – 10th grade

“A precious help in the comprehensive training of our students. In addition to becoming technically skilled, it is important that they are also well-educated and socially active persons. Thanks.” – Teacher


We promote a more autonomous attitude in the active search for professional offers. Entering the professional world in an active and positive way is accessible to every youngster, they just need the essential tools. How to communicate? How to search? How to apply? How to win? We answer these questions in three workshops where the youngster is an active participant in his/her own training.

+ 5000 Participants

+ 500 Projects

+ 230 Schools


One of the most awaited moments for our youngsters is the BOOTCAMP Mentes Empreendedoras Clubs! It happens in the middle of each year and is the moment when we gather youngsters from schools across the country who are participating in the Mentes Empreendedoras Clubs. During four days of immersion, lived enthusiastically and intensively, strong emotional experiences are enhanced, with pedagogical, sharing and learning moments, which are reflected in a significant impact on the lives of these youngsters and on the work developed throughout the programme.