Inspire Your Teacher

Create a generation of impactful citizens!


During three workshops (in person or remotely), we raise the awareness of students about the role and importance of the Teacher. They develop initiatives with messages that value and inspire teachers and that are shared with the entire community. Students are agents of inspiration and make a different with small BIG gestures of thanks and recognition. The aim is to increase recognition and motivation of teachers, in order to improve the quality of teaching and student performance.

At the same time, Mentes Empreendedoras promote the competition Inspire Your Teacher, where students who participate in the programme can compete with inspiring projects (and they may also include their family and guardians), and become immediately entitled to win amazing prizes.
The Inspire Your Teacher programme thus promotes the potential of students, making them recognise their own power to create a positive impact on their school communities and taking a message of inspiration across the country.

“I learned to change my attitude and to think that I must always do my best for my future and encourage teachers to be eager to teach.” – 9th grade

“Encouraging people in their daily life to fulfil their dreams and to be happier. We can all inspire. Inspire others not to give up and always put ourselves in the shoes of others!” – 7th grade


We must foster the appreciation of teachers and support the quality of education, highlighting the enormous impact they have on our lives. At Mentes Empreendedoras, we believe that recognition and celebration of the teaching profession must be transversal, coming from STUDENTS, from their PEERS and from SOCIETY in general.

+ 100 Schools

+ 1150 Teachers

+ 7600 Students


In an unconference format, since 2017, Mentes Empreendedoras organise a meeting of teachers, including moments for sharing good practices and inspiring examples in different areas of expertise, with dynamic and interactive sessions, and also work sessions, reflection and identification of individual and collective objectives for the professional development of teachers and their respective school communities.



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